First in Italy

Custodes naturae

We are the first private Italian company dedicated exclusively to the training of canine units for monitoring, environmental conservation and anti-poaching.

A pioneering reality

Based on techniques in substance detection, people search, and wildlife recovery, we have pioneered the use of dogs’ extraordinary sense of smell to protect wildlife and the natural environment.

We are able to provide dogs trained to detect invasive species, both above and below ground, aquatic organisms, and to monitor protected species.

We have trained dogs to detect signs of animal presence in a non-invasive manner, we train dogs to combat poaching by detecting poisoned bait and illegal traps.

We are also at the forefront of the fight against wildlife trafficking, providing dogs trained to detect ammunition, guns, traps, ivory, and animal products.


We work closely with organizations, noprofit, researchers and companies.

We provide everything from study design and methodology development, data collection, GIS mapping, data analysis, and report writing. 

In the process, we offer our clients in-person or e-learning training.

We work as paid contractors, collaborators projects and, in some cases, we are able to provide our services for free.

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