We train dogs and handlers for wildlife and environmental monitoring and conservation. We can provide trained dogs, K9 unit and trainers to support your conservation efforts.

We can make the difference

We are a team of professionals specialized in dog training with an academic background in the fields of biology, psychology and animal behavior. We have taken care of innovative projects introducing, in fact, the monitoring and conservation dogs in Italy. Our services allow you to have a rapid, economical and non-invasive tool to support your efforts in monitoring, conservation and prevention of poaching.

Our canine units are trained following strict protocols scientifically validated and continuously updated with the results of applied research. Each canine unit is repeatedly tested in double blind mode. All training is documented and our methods do not include the use of physical and psychological coercion.

K9 units in the field of monitoring, environmental conservation and prevention of poaching represent a fast tool for the detection of signs of animal presence, economical because they allow the saving of time and human resources, and ethical because thanks to the training received they do not disturb wildlife. 

All of our staff members, in addition to being expert dog trainers, have academic training. Our team includes experts in biology, ethology, environmental criminology, psychology, law, and instructional design.

Our services


Dog units for the detection of poisoned baits, weapons and ammunition, illegal nets, traps. We use only positive methods of training.

Target species monitoring

Detection and monitoring of the presence of species of interest, endangered and rare animals and plants.

Invasives and pest control

Early detection and monitoring of the presence of alien or invasive and noxious plant and animal species.

Training school

Online and on site training courses and lectures for students and professionals who wants to be involved into the field of conservation.

Submit your project

If you think that our K9 units or our instructors can give a contribution to your project of monitoring, conservation or fight against poaching, contact us without obligation. Our team will be at your complete disposal to find the right solution for you.


We deal with the training of dog-handler teams, the supply of trained dogs, the training and professional updating of dog trainer and future ones. 

We offer lessons of introduction and consulting for companies/entities/institutions that deal with the environment. 

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