Training and consultancy

For individuals, institutions and companies.


We offer consultancy to all those involved in wildlife conservation and management. 

We are able to assess with you the feasibility of monitoring and conservation projects. 

We can offer advice on: 

  • Structuring kennels in order to ensure the welfare of dogs
  • Creation of K9 units
  • Purchase of K9 units
  • Feasibility and sustainability of projects involving K9 units
  • Development of innovative projects
  • Academic research


To handle detection dogs, there is a need for experience and training.

Handlers must have the confidence and technical ability to work with dogs, and the patience to deal day in and day out with such energetic and highly motivated animals. 

We offer training to those who are part of a monitoring and/or conservation project. 

The trainings are also aimed at future dog handlers who will receive a pre-trained dog from us.

Given the increased interest in this field we are working on the drafting of standards to ensure quality and mentoring paths for those who want to approach the field. 

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